Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The final scenes on tuesday were looking pretty good. Hopefully Fabio can give me and joe some helpful pointers tomorrow since we'll prolly have to go. I'm goin to the one act show thing tomorrow night so that should be pretty cool based on some of your previous experiences.

finals week

It is crazy to me to see how far we have all come this semester. I agree with Gywn i cant wait to see everyones skit, they are all going to be so good, when we finalyl ready to show them off! Im excited to see more people go tomorrow, but hope that we can figure out what to change with ours so it is good. The one acts... SPEECHLESS :)

I have class after our class.. but we WILL play Twister i Promisse !!

one Act plays!! lol

i just want to say that the one act plays were pretty good. the last one called "the gate" was prolly my fav just because of all the funny lines and who good the actors played their charcaters. and some of them were ok i just like humor so the funnier the better lol... and that was the only one that i had no idea how it was going to end .. and that just happened to be the last one so its pretty much the only one i remember .. see you in class tomorrow =)
I wasn't really ready for Fabio to pick my group to do our second try at our final performance. Even though we weren't ready I think we did really good. I also think that we all are getting progressively better. Well that's all from me tonight. Goodnight.
hey guys!

so i think that i super excited for finials week. i cant wait to see everyones scenes. I think we have all grown so much this semester. Who would have thought that we could reach this level? not me. Im shocked and proud that everyone could give themselves so fully to the class. I just wish i could take it again and again cause i have so much fun.

The twister was awesome. I want to play after class! Dont forget!!! :P

spies who own an icecream shop?

I never really thought I would act as a spy who owned an icecream shop/ was using it as a place to spy. It was fun being able to go with whatever was thrown at you though because I have realized that it is harder to have lines since you have to make sure you get them right and add emotions to them. I think having to touch everything in a scene also helps to develop the conversation and what not. On a side note I am going to the play tonight and I'm interested to see how it will be! See you all tomorrow :)