Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oh the weather outside is frightful...

This will be the shortest post ever cause most of mine are 7 pages long.

A side note on today- I really do like my tattoo and it wasnt a mistake.. lol. i just wanted to let ya'll know. i tend to say stuff thats not true when under pressure or in acting classes... so yea. thats just been going through my head all day!

I LOVE the snow! It was so exciting today getting out of class and being in a snow globe! i made a snow man- and hit people with snow- and froze my fingers off and it was perfect. snow just makes you happy.

the end.

Holy Crap

so it's one o'clock rite now and i had a basketball game earlier n then went to the eagles nest for awhile, so prob bout after 11 is the last time i was outside.... well 20 min ago i look outside bc i heard ppl yelling, and it was freakin snowing like crazy!!! its so weird that all that snow came down in such a short period, needless to say i didnt even kno it was supposed to be like this lol..
so i'm prayin that we get an email saying class is cancelled tomorrow, b/c its my only class haha and i dnt really wanna be out in this crap!!!

Taco Bell

I'm pretty sure that most of you will agree with me that Taco Bell is amazing at like 3 in the morning. This past weekend I went to Taco Bell way too much. Over the weekends I usually work and cannot make it to convo while it is open and this weekend I decided to just go to Taco Bell. I never thought that I would get sick of it but let me tell you I really did. I had it twice on Saturday and three times on Sunday. Needless to say if I never ate Taco Bell again I would be happy.