Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Weekend!!!

I have to admit that I really have no idea what to blog about so I decided I would blog about my upcoming weekend. A friend of mine and I are going to Harrisburg, PA for the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. My family owns a guide service in Southeastern Ohio and we are going to the show in PA to promote our business. The show is 9 days and nearly 1million people go through the doors throughout those 9 days. It is a very enjoyable time and if you like people watching, like I do, it is the perfect opportunity to spy on others! Hope ya'll have a great weekend. See ya'll Tuesday.

Working hard for the Money...

I had a very important meeting today with a client that I've been working with for the past couple of months. I had to leave early from the meeting to make sure I had enough time to blog a little and head over to class, but the client was very pleased with the work that my team has done. Its a very satisfying feeling to see your hard work be appreciated, and better yet, get paid for it. I do a lot of web programming and a little design on the side, by the way.

What should i write about.... ME!!

Ohkay so since last class ive been trying to be much more observant about almost everything but i failed. I found that i just got distracted and lost interest. And then i tried to figure out what people did when they were just hanging out... did they act differently or talk differently... but again i lost interest. But during all of this searching and i learned a few things about myself. #1. I am distracted very easily. #2. i tend to sing things when singing is not appropriate... ei. im hungry lets get out of class now! (Art history.. yesterday... much louder than intended.) #3. I like to make lists. I actually knew this one but i figured id explain why i was listing things that none of you prob. care about. lol. Anyway point of this obnoxious rant is that i dont focus well but i think that acting is forcing me to actually pay attention for once. And not sing my thoughts out loud...

Im going to eat breakfast!!!! (song to my roommate)


Tuesday's Class

I enjoyed workin with Gwen on tues, b/c we all kno how creative she is. the exercise were we couldn't use our hand was difficult, especially bc we tried playin twister. the best part was prob tryin to move the watermelon across the room w/out using our hands.

Tuesday's Class

I really loved Tuesday's class! The bobsledding, handsfree ping pong, ect made it a really fun, enjoyable class. This class is definately fun learning! Look forward to Thursday's class.


Taking a walk is probably one of the best things I can do every night before I go to sleep. It gives me a chance to just relax and calm down and focus on the sidewalk or floor ahead rather than all the other stuff. While it has been incredibly cold recently, walks can include around the dorm, through the student center, and some of the other buildings around campus. Its even cooler when it is a warm, clear night and you can see the stars overhead. Sometimes it just takes something like this to slow down and take it all into perspective. I guess it is also cool to format text....

Who knows what

Make love not war, I can dig it
Holding hands & we all shine on
the Aquarian Age propagandists
holding hands as they drop the bomb
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Stabbed in the back
Slipped through the cracks
Dated philosophy for New World Disorder
-Siriun Geometry

Free form blogging is fun. The song this is from "Aquarian Age Propaganda" is one of those subtle social revolution songs. I like it because I suppose it's what I do, though in my own unusual way, a kind of self stylized rebellion. I do basically whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt other people I should be allowed such a right. This is where a normal social consciousness tries to oppress me. I believe it is morally reprehensible to stagnate a society by taking care of those who have no ability to contribute to that society. Taking care isn't the right word but it's close enough. I have these things in my head which I am forced to contain due to what can only be considered a tyrannical constraint. I figure this is a good point to point out that I'm a Political Science and Philosophy major, it's helps explain some of the balmy thoughts in my head. I bet that's not a way anyone's seen the word used before.


so im pretty stressed out right now...i have a lot of things on my mind and my computer wont work, and has been at IT for over 2 weeks now, SWEET! I was excited the other day when it got rather warm ( sad when 42 degress is warm to us) and then today i felt like my snot was freezing as it came out of my nose as i walked from class to class. So the weather sucks, it needs to get warmer, and school needs to keep goin by fast, and so does bball. We only have 8 games left, and then were done, unless we make playoffs.

p.s. Tomorrow night is pack the the house nite for our games, lots of free stuff gets handed out, if u not into just watching the game, Just come for the free stuff!!


I found it challenging to work with a partner while trying to handle an object. Not only do you have to focus on what you do and where your body is but also what your partner is doing. The audience pays attention to these close details and pick up on everything. Any small error can make your act seem unbelievable.