Monday, March 31, 2008

Object Placement

So placing all those objects in one room was hard! Perhaps if we would have known for sure positive what type of room it was we would have had a better understanding of what to place there. That's just a thought though. Who really knows!!! Memorizing the script was fun and I cant wait to see everybodys finished product!!! See ya'll in class tomorrow!

object placing

I thought it was really kool to try to place things in the room last week. At first it was pretty easy, then it got harder as more people started adding thing. I thought it was neat how each person was thinking of what the place could have been which is what made them put what they put down. Our minds are all thinking differently, and that is why everyone is so different. We all have our own personalitys and we all see thinsg differently. I really like this class and am excited to see what else Fabio has in store for us.

p.s. I hope everyone remembered to memorize your skit for tomorrow! Cant wait to perform them LoL

See you all in class tomorrow :)


Im mad at myself for last Thursday. I woke up to my alarm at 8:00 and at 8:15 but I did not wake up for the final alarm at 8:30. So I slept though class and now I have to take a hit on my grade. Not only that but we are not all that close to being done. O well im going to go to bed so I will actually get up tomorrow.
I had fun in class when we had to place things in the room. I didn't always know what to add, but it was interesting seeing what everyone put in the room. It reminded me of a memory game like the going on a picnic game. I just got done memorizing my script for the final which is good. I will see everyone in class tomorow!

Did you miss me!!!! lol jk

so it looks like i missed a pretty rough class last thursday while i was in NC for a track meet... the weather was ok excpet for the second to last day wish was 42 and rainy.. it was alot nicer in ohio then it was in NC on that day.. but the other days were 70--85 so i was pretty pumped .. to bad i didnt throw all that great lol.. well i will see you guys in class tomorrow =)
I absolutely sucked at the place exercise we did where each of us had to add something to the room. It would take me almost until the last person went to figure out what the place actually was, then i would have to b.s. something to add to the room, mean while i had forgot what everything was and where it was placed. I guess i'm just an idiot haha.


Ok, so I'm just going to throw it out there that the exercise with placing objects in a room was more difficult for me than it probably should have been. I have a decent memory, however, I guess the more I TRY to pay attention to details, the less I remember. Those of you sitting around me probably saw the look of dismay on my face as more and more people went up and placed objects in the room. It's not that I didn't know what or where the objects were, I just knew I would never be able to remember what everything was. And when I went up front I went almost completely blank, just like I knew I would. Oh well...I'll just look at it as a skill I have not yet acquired and will make a new goal to get better at it! See you all in class!!!
I agree with what gwyn said. I think we have all reached a level where we are comfortable with what we are doing in class, but we need to push ourselves to become even more comfortable/better at what we are doing. I think we will really be able to show how far we can push ourselves when we perform our final because then we can put our own twist on it. See you all tomorrow!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I love Tuesday mornings. I have such much fun no matter what we do. Even the substance exercises which i dont get but think are silly. I do think that we all need to push ourselves more. ITs like some of use have closed ourselves from these activities. But wake up people! Its more fun when everyones into the exercises... so yea. Oh i am running out of things to write about in this blog... theres only so many times i can say i love acting for non majors... which i do. See you on tuesday! Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for more silliness!

Oh remember that scripts need to be memorized by tuesday! dont forget.


So I was thinking about the exercises that we do in class. To some it may be a very hard thing to go through just because of the abstract nature. For others, it is decently easy to do because they can focus themselves and think outside the box. I enjoy it, it gives me some time to center myself I guess?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Last class the movements just came pretty natural with the whole substance exercises. Paying attention to things to figure out where you are though is a little difficult. I could not tell what some of the things were that people put down so I guess I was at fault for keeping the items general as well. The two examples we did I just added or subsidized something already in the location. This kind of analyzation of consciously identifying what is around me actually has me noticing and realizing some things in front of me that I have never seen before.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


i have not a cluw what we were doin in class on tuesday but im sure there is a method behind the madness. im interested to see what we will be doing again today...scared, but interested. it was kinda neat to feel how i was really into myself when he was talking about relaxing ur body. hopefully we do that again today :)


I felt so relaxed after Fabio talked us through our body. It was like after the tension left I could just focus on what I was doing instead of being concerned with my body.
When doing the exercise on tuesday, it felt a little strange because I actually did feel like I was moving through some sort of substance. I know that was the point of the exercise, but I guess it was one of the first times when I really convinced myself the substance/object was real. And sitting after doing the initial exercise felt funny...almost like I was floating or something. I don't think my body has ever been that relaxed! (I tend to be very tense...).
The substance activities were really unusual. They were hard in that the substance was anything you wanted it to be and it was hard to keep it consistent the whole time. Pulling the objects out of it was pretty easy though because I just kind of "saw" the substance and the object. i kinda want to know what exactly the purpose of these exercises are though since they seem kinda non inter-related a little bit.
I think that the substance activity was the hardest we had done so far. I honestly was picturing it in my mind but it was so hard to move like I was in it. It was also hard for me to keep my substance the same thing every time, I kept imagining a different substance. I hope that I can relate to the activity better in today's class.

Substance Activity

idk really what to say about this activity except its prob the least appealing to me so far compared to everything else we've done. but midway through the class i felt i missed something in the instructions, bc when i heard that we were imagining to be in any kind of substance i thought everyone was to imagine an individual substance that they were in so instantly was imagining one particular substance and i'm not sure if that was correct. but if that was what we were doing then i find this activity very confusing! ugh but we'll see how it goes in todays class i guess..
Class on Tuesday was pretty cool. We are really being forced to use our imagination and think in a way that is different than the normal mindset. It's hard to describe the substance that surrounded anyone. The exercises that we did made me forget completely about everyone around me and what they did or said. I get the feeling that is what the relaxation exercises were about...forgetting everything around you and focusing on the object and substance.
Id agree the substance activity was kinda weird at first but after a bit it seemed that i could see myself in it i guess i dont know it was weird. Me and Clint got together for our final and had a rather productive time with it i think. It should be fun. Well that all from me untill next time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the substance activity was a little weird to me. when half of us stood up at the same time and the other half watched and fabio would give us instructions no one did anyting different from what i saw. I know i just stood still in both instances but he said we did it right so maybe doing nothing out of the ordinary was the exercise.

nothing really to say.

I wonder what we will do tomorrow?

thats the extent of my post. I am baffled with what could possibly come next... and its hard to baffle me.

today was a rough day so i hope tomorrow's class can brighten my mood.

ps. Brandon we need to work on our project. Remind me.

Nothing New

Well not much new happening, just waiting to see what Fabio has in store for us next class.


When we were closing our eyes and imagining that we were in some kind of substance last class, I really started to feel like I was actually in it. It's weird how if you imagine something, your mind can start to make you believe it is real. I also think it's crazy that we were all given the same directions but we all probably came up with different substances. Life would be so boring without imagination.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I dont remember what happened last week except the game of whiz bang that was awesome at the end of class. It was awesome and optional.

Card dealings?

So on Thursday last time we had class we did the interact with an object realistically and the surface height exercises. The interaction wasn't that hard really as long as you went slow and payed attention to what was going on basically. The height on the other hand was pretty hard because you had to deal with your object and put it in the right space which is fairly hard to do. Oh and I had a good easter and all.

Easter Break

It was nice to have easter break, I didnt have basketball or class i got to go home and spend some time with my friends and spend time with my boyfriend. I played some basketball with some of my friends and spent the rest of the time with my family. But today is goin to be along day because i got class and lifting at 2:30 and i also got a meeting with my coach at 2, then i have dinner and night class. Its a non stop day and i can not wait til its over.
ok so he spaced out while i was doing my surface height thing.. mayb it was for the best because now that i remember what i did it wasnt that good lol.. o and as for the paper air plane i am going to make on and show him one of these days lol.. and as for the cornhole idea it sounda pretty sweet im not gonna lie... i mean cornhole is todays kids fav past time lol ... i hope you had a good easter break and i will see you all in 20 minutes lol .. =)

Whiz Bang!

So it seems as if everybody else is commenting on the all powerful whiz bang game so I guess I will join the multitude. I love the game and now that it has the deep south "cornhole" element, I feel right at home. Look forward to another lightning round of whiz bang today in class.
I just want to comment on the fact that the other day I was talking to someone who is in the other class and we were playing a mini game of whiz bang between the two of us. Well, a friend of ours was watching and she just looked at both of us like we were completely crazy. Apparently not everyone understands how wonderful whiz bang really is.

P.S. Kevin's idea to add cornhole to the game was brilliant. I enjoyed it immensely

How High?

Copernicus should be shaking in his boots

Who doesnt feel happier after a round of Whiz bang?! It sure brightens up my day... i was thinking that everyone should play at least one game each day.. it would make the world go round... more than it presently does... but not too much that it rocks the earth off the whole gravitational pull solar systemy thing... can you tell science is not my favorite subject? Anyway before anyone takes credit for the 7-10 split i would like to take credit now... i also have some curling whiz bang ideas floating around up in here if i decide to be so bold tomorrow and bring them up.

Copernicus -just in case you didn't catch the reference

Thank you

Thanks for the words of encouragement Fabio. Im really enjoying this class. Although it was challenging i liked the surface exercise. I also really like whiz-bang its fun and challenging. I think that nearly every exorcise we have done has been fun and i cant wait to see whats next. See you all in class.

New Challanges

Last class was a challange for me for a number of reasons. First of all, the surface height activity was difficult. It was so hard for me to picture where my surface was and then turn away from it and then find that same height again. Then, being in a beartrap was also hard. I did not know what to do and it was hard for me to deal with pain when I was not feeling it or seeing anygthing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Racking Basketballs

during thursday's class the moving an object from one place to another exercise was a little challenging, i think mainly bc i chose to pick basketballs up and set them on the rack. what made this difficult was that after i sat my first ball on, i turned around to get another ball and i really had to concetrate on the serface height of the rack which at that point it was behind me.
Class thursday brought back the game wizbang which seemed to have attracted a large cult following seeing as people stayed after class to play wizbang. Me and joe have some good ideas for our final so prepare to be amazed

Moving Gnomes

Never thought that I'd move a collection of miniature gnomes, but thats exactly what happened last class. Though I'm sure that a gang of them follow me around and move my things when I'm not looking. I was encouraged to note that Prof. Fabio was impressed/surprised when I managed to turn around grab a gnome and place it on its imaginary table top. Its the little things in life; pun intended.

i can't think of a title...

The exercise that we did when we had to keep the surface height of something the same while we put objects on it was pretty hard. It is difficult to maintain the height of something that isnt really there so i just tried to imagine that it was to make it a little easier. I think by doing these exercises where we have to imagine objects will help us when we actually use props because we will be more aware of what we are doing. Oh and the story about that acting teacher that made you clean a pretend room for 45 minutes sounds crazy...

Friday, March 21, 2008

AU Home Page


It would be really sweet if you guys could put a really obvious direct link to the events calendar on the home page that said something like "Events Calendar."



Dear Friends,

I just wanted to say, again, how impressed I am with the growth I am seeing in all of you (this goes for the 10:50 a.m. class, as well). Something happened over spring break and/or you are just starting to put things together without knowing it. In a discipline where m learning is much of the learning is non-intellectual, it is difficult to know when things will suddenly click, but they inevitably do. It is fun for me to see. Thanks.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Acting For Non Majors

I had a great post written up, it was amazing. I hit post, and got an error code. I refuse to rewrite it....
I was not in class last week on Thursday to know what the entangled exercise was that everyone ws talking about in their blogs. On Tuesday we had to act like we were trapped in somethin. I had elevator, and i thought it was rahter interesting. I am wondering what out exercise will be for today. I wish we had this class more often bc i find myself wantin to be there more and more as the year goes on. See you all in a little bit :)


So the final seems like it should be fun at least from what's been described to me. A blank scene where we get to basically make it whatever we want ought to be an interesting endeavor. At least until something goes horribly wrong with it. And reading other blogs makes me sad for missing class.

trapped in the port-a-pottie

Being trapped in a port-a-pottie is a strange ordeal. I have never been stuck in one before so I had to really think what was going on. I messed up on where the door was because where I was trying to force something open was on the wrong side. I was going about it like it was facing the ground where in reality it wouldn't have been obstructed by anything.


Reading over the script that I was given for the final I can only imagine what can come out of some of the other ones. I really like how we are able to essentially just let our imagination take over and propel a seemingly brief and uninteresting scene and create this interesting, funny or possibly dramatic scene. I can't wait to get started on this project!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I also think that the final will be an interesting challenge. I thought that it was interesting that all Fabio gave us were very very simple lines. It should be interesting to see what everyone does with the scripts that they were given. Thats all for now see you all in about 9 hours and 25 min.
The trapped activity i thought was a little more difficult than the tangled activity, but i guess things should progressivly get harder. The final should be cool and i noticed that atleast one other group has the same script as my group so it will be interesting to see the different interpretations of the script we each come up with
I don't think that I've ever received the final so far in advance in a class before. I think professors like to have something to hold over their students up till the very last moment... or they're like me and didn't plan that far in advance and haven't even thought about the final, let alone have something to give to their students. Anyway, kudos to Prof. Fabio for being on top of it. And whatever happened to Whiz-bang?

talking is more complicating than i thought!

So I realized during the tangled activity that when talking is factored in it sometimes makes it more difficult! I thought that if we were able to talk it would be a lot easier to act because all the attention wasn't focused on just what you were doing. If you add talking to your acting (especially in situations like we did where the person is most likely not comfortable or okay with what is going on) then you REALLY need to make what you say believable through your emotions. Acting is much harder than it looks!

p.s. I agree with everyone else... the final project seems like it is going to be fun but challenging at the same time. It will be interesting to see how everyone puts their own twist on their scenes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I was horrible at acting like I was trapped in a closet. I just didn't completly sell it. I guess my heart wasn't in it all the way. Anyways, Im excited for the final and my imagination is running wild on ideas that are still appropriate enough to be realistic. Stoked...
So I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and post the day of class. I really have nothing better to do at the moment, so here goes. Class was interesting as always today. I found it difficult to portray being stuck in mud...although it is something that happens to me (seeing as how I'm a total klutz and tend not to pay attention to where i am walking!) I was trying to make sure it didn't seem like i was stuck in quicksand or anything.

As for the final, I'm pretty excited about it. I think it is actually going to be fun and challenging at the same time.

Procrastination in action

I have a ten page paper due at 6. I have two pages done.. so, naturally, im gonna blog instead. I cant seem to bring myself to write this paper. Ive had two weeks and now look what happened. im gonna have to turn it in late tomorrow because im having writers block and cant think of a single thing to say. blah... oh well. a bad grade is not the end of the world.

Im pretty excited about the final project. I didnt seem like it today because i have a cold and am on meds that kind wipe me out so i was half asleep and couldnt feel my feet. does that happen to anyone else? But i think its gonna be pretty cool. the final project not my cold. i cnt wait to actually get into the thick of it and start bouncing ideas off of one another. We just need to look at the script given to us, see what sticks out in our minds and go from there. At least thats what i plan on doing. I dont want to get stuck doing the same old scene but i dont want to over complicate things either. The balance between simple and interesting is a hard one but i think we can all do it. good luck everyone. Yea for acting class!

march 18

Wow im a loser, blogging right after class lol.. i really didnt have anything else to do so o well lol ...Todays class seemed to go by really quicly. And its starting to get hard to think of new things that haven’t used in class already. You have to start thinking “out of the box’ lol.. o and these final projects right now it doesn’t seem to bad but I know it will get harder because I am not that good with memorizing stuff so I apologize in advance lol .. well I will see you guys Thursday !! =)

All Tangled Up.

So the "tangled up" activity was very hard for me. I guess I never really realized the fine line between "tangled" and "entrapped" but all together, this was a very rough activity for me. Hopefully we can do it again and I'll get it right this time. Hope ya'll had a great spring break and look forward to todays class!

Spring Break

I had an okay Spring Break, Its crazy that were back here at AU already. I cant wait to go to class tho im sure were gonna have a lot to catch up on :) I was in a good mood earlier bc i got my laptop back finally.. circuit city owned it for a good 4 months, so its nice to have my baby back! Too bad all my shit is gone from it tho. my music, school files, pictures, aim , limewire, Microsoft Office 2007... EVERYTHING! Thas the downside to them replacing ur hardrive without asking first, but i guess that life !

So now im goin to shower before bed, and get up for my 8 am class tom... cant wait to see u guys at 925... Hoope u all enjoyed your time off, and just think , only 3 more days till EASTER break :)


I dont think I posted for the last class but I remember I was stuck in a parachute and rolled around on the ground awhile while I was struggling to escape the entanglement of whatever I was entangled in I guess. The hardest part was that I have never parachuted before so I really had no idea how many ropes/wires were attatched to my backpack thing and whatnot.


Well last class my entanglement wasnt what Fabio was looking for so I had to act as though I was entangled with an octopus. That my friends was possibly the hardest thing I have done in this class yet. I had no idea why Fabio wanted me to "punch" the beak, though it was fun and funny. Well thats all for me see you all later.


This last exercise was extremely weird and a lot harder than i though it would be. While being entangled sounds like something that would be easy to act out with actually being tangled it was rather difficult. Without your limbs actually being restricted you naturally want to allow them to go anywhere. It took a lot of concentration to keep from doing that. I think that the best way to do this exercise would be to close your eyes and picture yourself being entangled, i know this is what we were told in class but ehh what can you do.

Monday, March 17, 2008

all wrapped up

this activity was alot harder then i thought it was going to be.. i kept on losing sight of the "jump rope" that was tied around my ankles ... then i ran out of ideas of how to get me out of this. .. so i just kept in wrappng the jump rope so it ended up bing like a thrity foot long jump rope lol .. o well i hope your guys brake was good.. see you in class =)
I was not in class on Thursday so I do not know what this tangled activity was all about but it sounds like it was a fun time. It sounds much different than anything we had ever done in class before. I hope that everyone's break was good! See you all tomorow in class!!
The tangled activity was pretty cool i thought. It was definately a step down in difficulty compared to the face immitating activity. It was easy to act out being stuck in a small spider web because that happens all the time but upgrading to the large one was more difficult seeing as i have never been stuck in spidermans web.


the last activity was the tangled activity and i actually found it a lot more difficult then most of the other things we've done. i was supposed to act as if i were tangled in a snake, and it was hard bc snakes move fast n squeeze n me bein afraid of them made it seem weird to try n grab for the head, seems how i would never attempt that i dont think, but guess u'd do anything to stay alive lol


So we had a chance to be tangled up in something. Although I didn't come up with my scenario, it turned out to be a rather good thing. I got caught up in a shower curtain, and though I've never done this outside the class, thankfully, Fabio thought I did my best acting doing it. (Funny how that works.) Not knowing what to do; I just thought that it would be an awkward experience. Because lets face it, not only would getting tangled up in a shower curtain be embarrassing, you'd be naked. Adding to the awkwardness of the whole ordeal. Nevertheless, whatever I did worked. I just hope that I never actually have to experience it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

tangled activity

In the last class when we did the activity where we were supposed to act like we were tangled in something was kinda difficult! The line between acting believable and overacting seemed like it could be crossed pretty easily in this activity since you had to imagine that you were actually struggling to untangle yourself. Anyways I'm excited to see what we will be doing next in class. See everyone Tuesday and hope all your spring breaks were fun!


So I was able to make class, so I really don't know what to write. I hope everyone had a fun and safe break, and I will see you all on Tuesday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"It's 4 in the morning grandma,You Win!"

So it is 5am...and I am still awake. Why you may ask... because I am finding it nearly impossible to fall asleep. Since 2 am I have written half a paper, created a PowerPoint project, cleaned my room, and rearranged my aim buddy list (because what else do you do at 4am?) And now I am blogging...

Anyway, about the last class...

I enjoyed the exercise we did in the last class. It was fun to watch, and kinda fun to do. As people went, I thought of more ideas of things to be tangled in (and sure enough the next person always took my idea!). I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes find it difficult to do the exercises. Going along with Emily's post, I think I have trouble because I think too much, and over-analyze everything. I need to work on that....but it's hard because I've always been a thinker rather than a doer...

Perhaps that's why I can't sleep...I'm just thinking too much...

I think I'll leave that for my next therapy session...

Hope you all enjoyed your break!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't forget to post for the March 6 class



I think the website looks great. Much bettter. Professional, and, dare I say, slightly hip?


All listen to Emily Miller

Reread Emily's March 3 post. She's got it!

Eating and Talking

This is a response to Katie Sopher's March 2 post. The reason it is so hard for newbies to do an exercise in which you have to truthfully eat a meal while having a conversation is because they (the newbies) are over-focusing on the conversation. Most of the time when you are eating, you are focused on eating, not on talking. The conversation just happens. Try this next time and see how it goes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

the play

i wish was multi-media thing would have been a lil more planned out and done a lot more better. it was just weird how the acting that was live was better then the videos that could have been done over and over again till they got it perfect .. so that did not make much scence to me.. and then the smoking thing.. i do think that was ok .. but the sign should have been easier to see cause i was caught of guard and smoking sometimes makes me sick.. but i was ok this time , i just think the sign should have been a lil easer to see since i didnt even see it . but to my the over all play id give it about a 7 maybe .
I really enjoyed the discussion class we had Tuesday. We should do that more often. Its nice to be able to share opinions, and see how others reacted to the same experience.

On a completely different note, I had a hand in the new AU website, and was wondering what anyone thought. Any feedback, whether or not you like it is welcome. We're always looking to improve things and its hard to get a non-insiders opinion sometimes.

Anyway see y'all next class. The whiz-bang tournament must continue.


Thanks Kev! Im actually kinda bummed cause all of my work was shoved into the back corner of the space but at least im in the show. Hopefully some of you can come... if you want.

heres a sneak peek... ya...

I wasn't in class on Tuesday so I don't remember if we had to post or not. I heard we had a discussion about the play. I thought it was pretty good, just very different. I watched it with a different mindset and I think that affected my whole opinion of the play.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I really enjoyed our discussion in class the other day. I think what made it better than most discussions that occur is that we all went to see the play on different nights instead of everyone going to see it on the same night. This gave us all different perspectives on the play because each night was different. It was nice to hear everyone tell about their experience with the play and their views on the death penalty. I just wish that I was able to attend Sister Prejan's talk the night that she came to see the play.

class 2

Sorrry about that last post I pressed enter after putting in the title and well you can see the outcome. So yeah about that discussion. I thought it was a good idea to discuss the play and it was great hearing everyone elses views. I thought it was interesting that a few of us didnt want to express their opinions about it but that fine. I was really glad that Fabio had the same veiws as me about the multimedia because i was a little worried that when he read my paper that he might think that i was just bashing on the play. Well I have some other things that need to get done so I bid you all farewell.


Super Super Pumped

Ok so, class on Tuesday was kind of dull compared to others. I really think that discussing the play was a good idea but it just bored me. The comments that were made I think were good and supported by evidence from the play. I am really excited for class tomorrow. I hope that I can concentrate. Spring break is right around the corner... FLORIDA, her I come!!! See ya'll in class!


The conversation on the play went pretty well in class. I thought i would be in the minority thinking that the multi-media was stupid but it turns out that you all are just as intelligent as i am haha. I hope in class tomorrow we get to go back to the improv acting. I think it's the most entertaining exercise that we do and it gets us to think on our feet. It also helps you get over any stage fright you might have pretty quickly.

Being sick ain't fun...

So the past couple days I have felt like death, I hate getting sick. I am going to the "Health/Death" Center at 8am so hopefully I will be in class.

On a side note, I saw Gwyn's artwork and it is beautiful! I encourage everyone to attend the gallery if you can.

Everyone's a critic...

So going into the discussion on Tuesday I was really worried that I was overly critical of the play. I was not all that impressed with the performance I saw, but everyone else I had talked to before Tuesday had all really enjoyed it. I thought maybe I was just too critical and expected too much out of it. That said I was happy to hear in class that other people agreed with me on some things. I had a few specific arguments about why I disliked the play and many people in the class seemed to share my opinions.

That said, I can't wait to get back to doing the activities in class on Thursday!

On another note, everyone please attend Mr. University tomorrow night @9 in Upper Convo. The ladies of Alpha Phi have been working very hard on this event, and it is going to be a very entertaining evening. If for nothing else, come support Ron!!

some thoughts

I feel like as the semester is going on we are all really opening up to each other and expressing oursevles in a way that we never thought we would. I never really thought that taking this acting class would teach me as much about everyday life as it has so far. I have started to slow down and take everything in because I never took the time to notice what was happening before. Anyways I am excited to see how far we all will have come once the semester is coming to an end! See you all in class tomorrow.

Im not creative enough for titles.

So there is an at show this week. It opens on Thursday at 5... or 4:30. I'm not really sure. Anyway i have a couple pieces in this year and if you want to stop on by and take a look that would be swell. There are some great submissions and it could be cool... maybe... if you like that sorta thing. And its an opening so there will be food and beverages and all that jazz.

Back to class. I'm excited for Thursday. I think that because its right before break were all gonna be filled with so much energy. Hopefully it will help and not just make us all crazy and to hyper. Okay hopefully it wont make me to hyper. Especially since last class we only discussed the play, and the time before we attempted the face junk... it will be nice to get back into the fun stuff again.

look outside. really look. don't just complain about the snow and ice. its beautiful.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

abotu the play

i enjoyed the play. it was a lot different than i thought it was going to be. I am interested in talkin abut it today in class to see how others percevied it. I have a couple questions and they may be the same or different as others inthe class. I am upset that i will be missing class again on thursday and quite frankly IM SICK OF IT!... we have to go back up to the Upper pennisula for basketball bc we made the semi finals for the GLIAC. I am happy that we made it but i just wish it wasnt soooo far away, but i guess pickers cant be choosers... so LETS GO AU!

See you all in class :)
well the first time I tried posting it didn't work so here is try number two.....The eating exercise is the hardest one we have done so far in my opinion...adding a conversation was harder because well I didn't want to talk, I wanted to eat, I was too focused I guess. And I did eat a pineapple and pepperoni pizza at some point and time after this exercise and I ate somewhat like I acted but not completely, I did not take in account the temperature of the food

Eating Exercise

In the last class, when we had to eat and carry on a conversation, I had a difficult time. It was hard to concentrate on being believeable while eating but then adding in the conversation made it even harder. I had to concentrate on eating and think about what I was going to say next. I think that this class will get even more interesting once we add in more factors and the exercises get harder. I am excited to see what is to come.


i found thursday's exercise to be quite fun and also funny. from what i observed, i feel that everyone that went has made major improvement in their acting skills thus far, esp since the last time we did an eating exercise and we even had to talk this time. being able to talk n have conversations now has boosted the difficulty level up a tad but at the sametime has made the class more exciting and interesting and allowing us to take our acting skills to the next step. cant wait to see wat we have coming up w/in the next few classes!!!


I went to see the play this past thursday. I really enjoyed it despite the fact that I was extremely depressed the rest of the night to the point where I wanted to just go back and sleep the rest of the night. It was different to watch a play where the main character never left the stage. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to memorize all of those lines. It was also different to see that there were very few props used and very little scenery. This allowed me to envision the scenery on my own rather than how the set designer wanted it to be. It reminded me of our exercises in class such as the eating exercises where we had no props and while watching we had to envision the "props" so it was nice to actually see this happening in a play.

so much to say

I loved the play! It was one of the only plays i have seen that actually made me cry, which is sad but wonderful. I was a bit unsure of what to expect but it was just really good. i dont want to say to much though because i dont want to ruin my paper for you.

I cant say much because i have been watching the office for the last 40 hours and my mind is gone. I cant wait until tomorrow. Class will be fantasic. And it will be nice to not just watch the same show.

ALSO, it was gorgeous outside today. it was the perfert weather. And i loved it.


So I saw the play over the weekend and I liked it. Other than that not a whole lot going on. As for class it's fairly hard to eat and talk at the same time. And for some reason I do put weird emphasis on words as I talk. As it was said like a 30's detective movie but it's fun and not gonna stop doing it in normal life. As for the "face taking" exercise we did last week it was really hard to figure out how to do it. I also think it's gonna be hard the next time we do it. I don't want to do it again. that applies to every time.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I think that the most recent change to the class (talking) is going to provide an interesting and challanging new aspect to what we are learning. I am really looking foword to it because i like being able to comunicate with people that i work with. I really look forward to seeing what we all can do with this new change. Ill see you all in class. P.S. Dont forget about the essay.

Eating and Talking

So the newest addition to our classroom experience has been the use of our voices. I'm both excited and terrified by this. I don't do very well with multitasking, and this is an interesting blend of just that. Nevertheless, it's not all that bad, given that my head didn't explode from the effort and that given enough time I'll be pretend eating while holding a conversation on the phone while answering my pretend secretary who just happens to be Fabio.


I was relieved at the start of thursdays class that i got out of doing the face mirroring exercise. That looked extremely difficult and i know i would have done terrible. How can one make their face physically look like someone elses face. I doubt denzel washington could make his face look like mine and he's a bad ass actor.

Pizza & Pie

So Thursdays class was a very hard one for me! While sitting on the floor pounding the grease out of my "pizza" our group carried on a very disturbing and possibly provokative conversation about our favorite types of dessert. Body language and facial expressions added to our very uncomfortable and funny presentation.


I think that I am starting to finally understand that in order to make your acting believable you just need to follow your instinct. If you start to think to much about what your next move is going to be then chances are what you do is not going to be the best it can. I usually try to think things through before I do them, so it has been kinda hard for me to let go of my inhibitions and just go for it. I just have to keep reminding myself that in daily life I don't stop to think how I am going to eat or something like that, I just do it.

eating activity

I agree with Katie, the eating exercise proved incredibly difficult for me. However, I think I know why it was so hard for me. When I was sitting there pretending to eat my chinese food....I never really convinced myself that I was actually eating it. If I had really let myself get into it, I would probably have made it seem way more believable. I'm a huge fan of Chinese, so I probably would have been taking gigantic bites of my shrimp lo mein and probably would have lashed out at gwyn for stealing a bite (although she did share!) The most i could really offer up realistically was my question about the fortune cookies, because I really enjoy those too!!"

On another note,
I know Ron mentioned Mr. University in his post, so I'm going to put in my plug for it.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

eating exercise

Hello All!!! I remember doing the eating exercise earlier in the year and it doesn’t seem any easier now .. does anyone else think so?? And now adding the talking part its just a lot to think about that’s all.. and its so hard to focus on the eating part when the talking element is added. Its just so hard to remember where you set down everything .. o well practice makes batter right .. see you guys Tuesday !!!


I don't remember if I blogged since Thursday's class so I figured I should go ahead and do one anyways. Since we are supposed to start going back to class related topics this post might sound weird or dumb I think. Acting to me is pretending to be someone or something other than yourself. I hear lots of people say that acting is stupid and who really acts anymore, things like that. Well I took a hard look into myself and realized that my life, unfortunately, is mostly an act. Maybe if people looked into themselves every once in awhile they might realize that there are plenty of actors out there, sometimes as close as looking into a mirror...