Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eating Observation

During my eating observation I paid attention only to how I ate. I found that I am very deliberate and polite when I eat. Someone in class made the comment that I seemed too polite to be eating corn on the cob when we did the eating exercise, but I have found that this is really how I eat. I am going to attribute this slow, precise eating to the fact that I am kind of a klutz, so I try my best to avoid getting food all over myself. I'm also very particular about people looking at me while I'm eating, because it kind of bothers me. When I eat, I always finish one thing before I move on to another, so if I have a bowl of cereal and toast, I won't touch the toast until I have finished my cereal. Also, if I am eating a piece of bread, or a sandwich, I will pull pieces off and eat them, rather than taking a bite from the whole thing. I never really thought about how prim and proper I probably look while eating sometimes.

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