Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The honest Truth

Okay, I dont want to be rude but i am going to write down my honest thoughts... not filtered. Whether this is a good thing or not im not sure but here we go.

I thought today was extremely frustrating. Everyone's spark seems to be gone! We need to be excited about this! We have the opportunity to put on a scen in front of each other! Its so much fun! But no one seems excited! Im not saying that they havent been good cause they have... but we all need to get into acting class shape! I co run the youth and literacy team here at Ashland, and we put on these stroytimes where we read to kids and eat food and have fun.. well sometimes the kids get tired of the one activity so we have to stand up and shake out all of our squirminess! Thats what we have to do in class! Stop being squirmy and actually do the scene, do it well, and, as Fabio said today, commit to it!

If this sounds like a lecture then im sorry cause i hate nothing more in the world than i hate a lecture, thats a lie, i hate lots of little trivial things more... like the improper use of the english language for one instance, or those stupid shirts guys wear that have the arm holes down to their waist, so its not actually a shirt its a piece of fabric hung round their neck.. i hate that. ANYWAY, i think its something we all need to check ourselves on
People talk in absurdly different ways. Some people are quiet almost all the time and never raise their voices, others are consistently loud, some have absolutely no volume control and it fluctuates wildly as they go. Then you have the people who have some control over their volume and use their voice correctly. It just seems odd that we can do all of that.


ok so im starting to get a lil nervous about the final projects that we have.. and i thought we would be getting more time in class to work on them. eeek!.. anyways i wonder what we are going to use the floor plans for that we made in class on thursday. well see you guys in class,....


Volume was also played a big part for me while listening to people talk. Like when something was funny or very interesting the person would tend to speak up more and kinda stert laughing b4 they were done with their sentence, and when they found themselves talking about someone certain the volume would go down.

talk the talk

So all this weekend i was in the hospital visiting my mom. So i decided to watch people there. It was weird. People would be laughing outside and talking loudly and just being themselves but as soon as they stepped foot into the hospital the voices went down, the smiles were removed, and the conversations stopped or were changed to something less material. Then when doctors or nurses were laughing or talking loudly the visitors would glare and whisper... like its not allowed to have fun! I understand, i mean i would be upset too f the doctors were haing a grand old time and no one was helping my mom but just the amount of people who had this reaction was kinda surprising. Sooooooo i guess its not like real life situations but maybe it is.


I decided to listen to the way people talk on t.v. I noticed that the people I tend to listen to more and are more believeable are the people who speak at a medeum speed who talk with some volume and who have little to no accents. For me, I just thought that they knew what they were talking about and were believeable.


The one thing that I really noticed while watching other people talk was the volume with which they talked. There are some people who are just naturally quiet and no matter what they say or how they say it, they just naturally talk quietly. I found that there are others who constantly talk loud. Some of them even seemed to yell all the time without even realizing it. I also found that there were those who switched between both. They are quiet one minute and then the next minute they are loud as can be. It was interesting to see all of these in small group of people.

people talkin

i noticed that some people watch other people when they talk. they may look at those around them to see how they are reacting to what they are sayin. some people do not. some people do not care about what others are doing and just say what they need to say. i agree with a post i read about people act differntly when they are lying. that is very true. i think people listen differently as well. u can kinda tell when someone is really listening to what you have to say, or when they are just fakin it like shut up i dont care.

i enjoyed working on the skits once again, and am startin to realize what is asked of us.
i also liked drawing out our little areas in class thursday. not sure what they are for, but im sure we will do something VERY interesting with them.

See you all in about7 hours :)


I noticed a few things when i watch people talk. I noticed that many of my friends use very little movement when talking. I also noticed that people look and act differently when they lie. I was kinda interesting to see but it felt semi stockerish like the other watching people activity that we did. Well see you all later.

Monday Night Postin

So I am not entirely sure if I am supposed to free post. I think we were supposed to write about how people talk to us and how we percieve and respond to it. So depending on my mood, day, time, etc.... I might find someone's harmless remarks completely offensive sometimes. Really anyone can ALMOST say anything, and you should treat them depending on their attitude towards whatever.