Thursday, March 6, 2008

the play

i wish was multi-media thing would have been a lil more planned out and done a lot more better. it was just weird how the acting that was live was better then the videos that could have been done over and over again till they got it perfect .. so that did not make much scence to me.. and then the smoking thing.. i do think that was ok .. but the sign should have been easier to see cause i was caught of guard and smoking sometimes makes me sick.. but i was ok this time , i just think the sign should have been a lil easer to see since i didnt even see it . but to my the over all play id give it about a 7 maybe .
I really enjoyed the discussion class we had Tuesday. We should do that more often. Its nice to be able to share opinions, and see how others reacted to the same experience.

On a completely different note, I had a hand in the new AU website, and was wondering what anyone thought. Any feedback, whether or not you like it is welcome. We're always looking to improve things and its hard to get a non-insiders opinion sometimes.

Anyway see y'all next class. The whiz-bang tournament must continue.


Thanks Kev! Im actually kinda bummed cause all of my work was shoved into the back corner of the space but at least im in the show. Hopefully some of you can come... if you want.

heres a sneak peek... ya...

I wasn't in class on Tuesday so I don't remember if we had to post or not. I heard we had a discussion about the play. I thought it was pretty good, just very different. I watched it with a different mindset and I think that affected my whole opinion of the play.