Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eating Observations

Hey there all. I really enjoyed doing the eating exercises or skits today in class. You can't really go wrong with food! haha Anyways, I observed how I ate, and how those around me ate their lunch. I already knid of knew this, but I don't tend to deviate from what I eat very often. The first meal of the day I get egg whites, carbs, and some protein. Lunch I usually eat chicken breasts and rice (if it is there) along with a vegtable or other conscious side. Dinner is just about like lunch, but I am willing to eat more red meat main dishes I guess. So about my lunch, I kind of eat all of one thing before starting in on the next thing. I don't really put in any thought, I just eat. I noticed the people around me kind of don't put alot of thought into what or how they are eating. Most of it is whatever looks good or sounds tasty. Really I didn't notice any one seperating their foods as far as the order they ate them either. It definately didn't look as dry and methodical as we made it in class!

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