Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not Much Going On

Its been a relatively quite week so far for me. Not much is going on, outside the usual. Still going to my classes, taking notes and doing the homework. I'm still excited about my CS 499 classes project with a real company, and we should be getting more information about it today. I'm kinda hoping that this may one day turn into a job opening. Got a trip to Pittsburgh PA this weekend, so that should be fun.

Postal Service

Weird topic, I know but I have just realized how unreliable the mail service is. I have a boyfriend in the Army and since we can't talk on the phone, we have to send letters. I will get letters out of date and in a different order than he sent them. It also takes anywhere from 3 days to a week for a letter to get from here to Georgia. I just think with all of the modern technology that we have, our mail system might be a little better. I am beginning to refer to it as the Pony Express because I think there has been little progress since that time.

Boo to Browns

First off HiltDaStilt, i will remember you saying that, n remember when i say its not gonna happen. Theres no way the browns should've made it, they lost to the Steelers twice, and like i told you they would they also lost to Cinci, they just not worthy for that playoff spot. lol jkjk but for real... but yeah the Super Bowl was pretty exciting, esp near the end, and YAY for the Giants. Other than the game, pretty fun weekend w/ a bye week for track, so i got to hang out w/ some friends and just really got to chill.