Monday, January 21, 2008

Listening in the house

It was about 3am in the morning when I decided to listen to events conspiring at the house. I heard people walking around above me in the hallway with music playing the whole while. Then someone stumbling in the front door and pounding/knocking on the first door and then yelling some nonsensical things. I heard the whirring of the computer room fan; I have no idea why it’s on in this frigid weather. Someone took a shower. A few more inebriated people came back laughing until someone yelled at them to shut up. Someone yelled repeatedly above me for no reason. Then they stomped on the floor for some reason.


On the way home from my track meet i was on the bus and just sat and listened everything. I mostly heard conversations. I heard a dude next to me giving advice to a girl who was complaining about her boyfriend and the advice he was giving was hilarious. I also heard people rapping in the back of the bus which was painful to hear. The sound of other cars zipping by our slow bus was audible as well. I could also hear the low sound of music coming from headphones that were being blasted way too loud.
Hey friends.

I woke up this morning... partly because i was so groggy and partly because my roommate was gone for the weekend and i had nothing else to do, I decided to do the listening activity. As i sat on my bed I could hear cars going by Kem. Quickly at first but then slowing down as they approached the lights. I could hear cars driving through the Burger King drivethru. I heard the girls next door opening and closing their doors. The volume of their laughter increased and suddenly decreased as the doors closed. My friend was in my room working on an art project and i could hear him scraping away at the linoleum block breathing steadily in and out while concentrating on the piece. I could also hear the constant hum of my fan and the whistle that it made if something got stuck on the blades. It was actually quite calming.



I went to the Mansfield Mall today and while I was there, I sat down on a bench to listen. I heard the sales people at the phone booth in the middle of the mall talking to customers. I heard many cell phones ringing. I also heard music coming out of some of the nearby stores. Most of the groups of people walking by were talking to eachother or were on their cell phones. There were so many sounds going on at one time, it sounded like a blur at times.


As for just sitting around and listening, I chose convo as a place to do this. Naturally when you go in there to eat at a busy time there is a commotion as the loud crowd lines up to get food. I heard chairs moving, eating utensils hitting plates, glasses clanking. Sometimes you could hear the food sizzling if you were close enough to whatever was being prepared. Once an awhile a unique laugh would rise out of the continuous drone and catch my attention. The register would beep to acknowledge that someone has used a meal plan, and if they were running low it would beep a few more times.