Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some say goodbye- i say the end

All i have to say is Thursday better equal twister! Or i waill be very disappointed!! But congrats guys!! We made it to the end!!! All we have to do now is our last day of class- sad and then or scenes! It was a great year and i will miss you all! Except for some- just joshing- i will miss you all! Im trying to have whiz band catch on with people but so far it isnt working out- we might have to have some whiz bang get togethers just so i can stay sane!! Well good luck ya'll with finals! Dont stress out to much- and if you do then do that weird relaxation thing and youll be back on track.


So today I was sitting in class thinking. I thought about how much I missed Whiz Bang, random acting exercises, and fun yet educational material involving the teamwork of the entire class. I know that we are growing as actors and that the classes are geared towards preparing for the final, but I want the old days back...

One Acts

So I missed class on Thursday but I made it to the one acts on Tuesday. They were great. I wish that I would've been able to go and see the shows on wednesday or friday but that will have to wait until next year. I think that they actors did a great job of using the space that they had and they also did a great job working in such a small place. I would reccomend that everyone go and see this the next time that they are put on.


ok well im just going to throw it out there.. im going to miss the buckets lol...but as for the end of the school year being here .. its about freakin time!!! even though i have two meets this weekend and two of my hardest exams on the same day back to back lol.. and im not goin to be here on thursday because of a meet that i have to leave early for so my days are even shorter.. well i hope you guys have a good weekend and ill see you all on tuesday
oh man, second to last class b4 finals!! now that i think about it, its kinda sad that this year is coming to an end, its going by sooo fast and i know sometime w/in the first month of summer i'm prob gonna be wishing i'd be back here =( ..... but the final scenes are coming along nicely, and im starting to feel a lot more confident about ours too. the walking to or from a room exercise was very interesting and since i havent went yet, from what i saw it looks a lil difficult, but we'll see how i do in this next class!

too late

well its 3:04 and i have class at 8. gotta love the last week of class, and stayin up all nite doing papers, i just finished one and cant stay awake any longer to even start the other one. i will see u all in class tomorrow, more then likely looking a lookin sleepy im sure. hopfeully Fabio will talk to my partner and I about our skit since in the 2nd to last class we have before FINALS.. that is crazzzy. This semeseter went by so fast, but im tired as hell, and am NOT going to wake up tomorrow morning. So if anyone sees this an dim not in class CALL ME.. lol.. gnite everyone, see in a few hours :)