Saturday, April 26, 2008

packing up!

Hey so when i did the door scene i was thinking about all i had to do in the next two weeks. I have to pack. thats my number one. I have too much stuff and not enough space in my car. Oh no!!!!!!! Anyway i thought that i should practice before i actually pack. I think my closet is magical because i keep taking stuff out of it but more clothes just keep coming and coming. its like never ending! I dont know what to do because it never ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

this has nothing to do with acting. sorry


So at the end of class with the door exercise I did, as you all know, the meat locker. While I was sitting there thinking about what I wanted to do I recalled Rocky and when he used the meat as punching bags. This inspired me on my quest for the perfect entrance/exit haha Life lesson is that inspiration comes from everything.