Monday, January 28, 2008


Tonight, I played on the intramural basketball league in the Rec Center. Although we lost, I still had a lot of fun. I have always been a basketball cheerleader, and it was different to be on the other side. I did not realize how much running and coordination is involved in a game. I had fun and cant wait to play again. Hopefully I will be able to improve a little before the next game.

Thursday's Class

Ok...I absolutely loved Thursday's class! The mirror exercise forced me to focus on the task at hand. I really enjoyed the exercise in which one person started the action and the rest inserted actions when they felt like it. The exercise was fun but was still a learning experiance. Can't wait to see everyone in class tomorrow!!!


Class was cool on thursday but challenging at the same time. It was hard to react to your partners motions and then move accordingly to sell the act to the audience. The mirror exercise was kind of awkward due to the fact that you had to deeply stare into your partners eyes which got uncomfortable at times. However, both were fun and challenged us to interact and adapt to your partners movements.
For this blog we were allowed to write about anything so i decided to write about my weekend. This weekend was a lot of fun. My friend, roommate, and I went to a the christian concert that was in A&H on Friday and after that my roommate and I played Halo 2 all night. On Saturday My girlfriend came down to Ashland to spend the day with me. After she left i went and walked and talked with one of my friends all night until 8:30 am. On Sunday I slept until 4 in the afternoon and then worked on some homework for the rest of the day. Overall it was a great weekend but tiring after only getting around 12 hours of sleep in three days.

have no clue what went on in class lol

Alright, well i have to say that i have absolutely NO idea what went on in class on Thursday, but its sure does sounds interesting. Im very upset that i missed it. SOunds like i have a lot of catching up to do. :( Hopefully we will do some fun exercised like the tug of war, and mirror thing that i read about from other peoples posts. I will see all you guys tomorrow, and i Hope you didnt forget about me :)

P.S. We went to the north and came back 2-0!
The tug of war exercise we did in class was very interesting. There were so many things that you had to watch out for. First you had to watch your partner and moved with him or her, then you had to pay attention to the height of the rope then there was the size of the rope .and you had to make sure that the rope didn’t get longer. And on top of all that you had to prove to the audience that there really was a rope there..CRAZY!!! lol… I found out that you really have to trust your partner and sometimes its hard when you really don’t know the person, but its comforting to know that they have no idea what really to do either so you just kinda go with the flow. And I still feel really bad about saying “that wasn’t very good” to that one group.. I am so sorry I was not thinking at all but if you knew me you would know that I don’t think that often lol ..right Kevin lol ..well I will see you guy Tuesday !!! hope you had a great weekend!!!!


So I really enjoyed the last exercise that we did in class with one person starting out and others just joining in whenever they felt so inclined to join. I thought it was interesting how we could all start out doing one thing but then when one person joins in the entire scene can change but still work. Like when I started "doing my homework" others joined in doing the same thing but once someone came in and started walking around like a teacher it went from being a library typ setting to a classroom and it all worked together. I just found that to be the most interesting thing about that exercise.


This class is much more fun that people had originally informed me. Its a pretty interesting shift going from speaking to present something (as is the norm for business presentations) to using whatever is around you to illustrate a scene. Its also cool to just pay attention to some things that are hard to pick up when you are moving through life at 100 mph.

Thursdays class

I thought the mirror exercise was really cool! I was pretty comfortable making eye contact with my partner but I can see how for some people that would be very nerve racking. The exercise forced us to really pay attention and work together with someone we might not even know very well. I think it's crazy how comfortable we all seem to be getting with each other so quickly! I'm curious to see what new things we will be doing in the future!