Thursday, January 24, 2008

picky eater

I realized that I tend to be a very picky eater, according to other people. I like everything plain or with cheese and ketchup. I do not like mustard, mayonaise, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, nothing! So when I ate my cheeseburger with only ketchup for lunch the other day, i noticed that everyone else had all the toppings and condiments to go along with it. Not me, i was perfectly content just eating my plain old cheeseburger, and waffle fries with cheese and bacon bits. I also noticed that all I usually drink in powerade or water. Mainly because im an athlete, and I dont drink pop. I also noticed that with every meal no matter what , i always get a small bowl of cottage cheese and I put salt and pepper on it. I love cottage cheese :) But I have to say that I miss convo already and its only been 2 days! Bein up here in the U.P. (upper pennisula) in Michigan its negative 7 and they have about 3 to 4 feet of snow! Wonder how good old Ashland is doin?

P.S. We had a game tonite vs Michigan Tech, and they have never lost on the their home floor, and were ranked 19th in the NATION, and well WE BEAT THEM!!!! Just in case you were all wondering how we did! :) Now hopefully we can go down to Lake Superior State and beat them too, and come back to Atown with 2 W's!!!


So today i noticed how much someones actions affect someone else. We tend to imitate each other and change our actions due to what everyone else is doing. Its like this elevator trick i heard of once... its not really a trick more of an experiment slash story. These people got onto an elevator that two other people were already on. When they got situated they stood facing the wall, no the doors like most people do. The other two people then turn around and face the wall themselves. When people come onto the elevator they do the same thing. Its almost like it scares us to be different... okay i guess that's not an Epiphany that's just our tendencies. Like in the exorcise today we mirrored each other yet changed our actions if the other person changes theirs...

We're all followers. Mirroring each other everyday. Crazy.

ps. Racecar is the same forwards and is its a mirror.

Yummy Yummy

My roommate and I normally eat dinner together. Neither of us like convo very much because its always so crowded and we have other stuff to do than sit and eat. We're big snackers... anyway, On Tuesday night i payed attention to what i was eating and i realized that i hardly enjoy a thing. I was just racing to get everything finished that i didnt even really appreciate the food. So in acting and in life i must sloooooooow down!


I had a pepper jack grilled cheese sandwich yesterday and while the pepper jack make the simple sandwich a bit more interesting, I found that I didn't eat it with both hands but only one. In fact I also noticed that I tend to eat with my left hand and often used my right to chug down some water. I liked the spice of the sandwich, and though it was a little slick from the butter I used to cook it I really didn't use my napkin all that much. I think a lot of it has to do with the location and nature of the meal. At least I'd like to think that I'm a bit better mannered when I go out to eat.
I have to admit, Tuesday's class was very tough for me. I have never actually sat down and pretended to eat a meal. As we progressed I did get the hang of it but it wasnt easy for me! Those pancakes we were eating got more and more realistic as we went on an by the time my group was done, my stomach was grumbling!!!


I chose to pay attention to a breakfast I ate one morning. I realized that I was methodical and consistant in how I ate my food. I would go from one item to the other and not start a new one without finishing an old one. I did not start drinking milk or orange juice until I finished all of my food. When I ate a bowl of mandarin oranges, I used a fork instead of a spoon. I usually wiped my mouth with a napkin after about every other bite.

Food Watch

Today when i was at lunch i realized that i like to use my silverware as much as possible because i dont like to get my hands messy and when i would put down my silverware to get a drink i always wipe my hands and face off with a different napkin each time, i prob went thru at least 10-15 napkins lol. i also found myself trying to finish everything that was on my tray even when i was full.. oops haha


I noticed that when I eat food, I do not like my food to touch, so I make sure everything is seperated before I begin to eat. I also tend to eat with my fingers more than I should. I break things up rather than cut them. I also use a lot of napkins because I do not like to be messy.