Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Class/Observation

Hey everyone!! As I looked at my schedule I was surprised to find a room number that really wasn’t a room number. So after about 20 minutes of trying to find room S.TH someone showed me how to get there. And by the way it was a very weird way to get there. We had to go threw a wood shop with hardly any lights on and that kinda creeped me out I’m not gonna lie lol. Then I finally got to the room and I felt a lot better. Then I really did not know what to expect out of the class in general. I had taken drama in high school so I kinda knew what this class was about, but I still was not sure. The first day was a pretty good day; we all got to know a little bit about each other, and we did some good warm up exercises. O by the way the ping pong team, made me laugh lol. So I am looking forward to Thursday’s class. See you guys then !!!! =)

For the first assignment I watched my classmates in my adolescent psychology class. Since it was the first class only a few people had their books. This showed me that they were on top of things and that the other people were just waiting to see if they really needed the book or not. Then as the class went on there were a lot of people txting and even some guy was reading a book and he wasn’t even in the back of the class he was in the front row. A few other people looked as if they were listening to every word that the prof was saying and it seemed as though those were the people she kept looking at when she was talking. Then there were people that were sleeping while she was talking. Then when it was time to take notes hardly anyone had a notebook, so they were scrambling around trying to find paper to take notes on.

First Class/Observation

Well, after the first class this morning, I am really just interested in seeing how the class is going to progress. It seems like we are going to have alot of fun.

For my observation, I watched people while I waited in a line at Walmart. I always find it interesting to observe people's facial expressions and body language. People are more likely to react nonverbally to a given situation than they are to actually speak up about it. So as the line in Walmart grew, and the cashier moved slower with each customer, it was interesting to view how people's expressions quickly changed from simple disinterest to clear annoyance.

Class 1-15-2008

Overall I think the first class went smoothly! Everyone participated and although it seemed akward it was all done for a purpose.

I was at work and I was observing everything that everyone does, I work at East of Chicago and its interesting to watch people while they make pizza. People are washing dishes, eating, making pizzas and subs. The manager was training a new employee and the new employee continued to shake his head as if he really understood what he was learning. There is a lot of goofing off due to the fact of a slow night. The job is repititious in the sense that you do the same thing every night.

First Class Assignment

Hey all, first of all I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this class. After an exercise or two to get comfortable I realized that this class will only be what I put into it, and sounds like a very interesting and fun class.
Anyways, for the assignment I went and sat in the Rec Center on the downstairs stretching area cubbies. I'm kind of used to what I saw since I work there and see it all the time. I noticed that there were several kinds of people down there. Some were with friends and seemed like it was time to socialize and release stress becuase of their carefree and talkitive actions. Others listened to headphones, did not socialize, and seemed there were there for a purpose driven reason. For the short amount of time that I was there you could tell alot about why the person was there and what they wanted to get done. Sometimes you could tell how they were feeling by their demenor about the workout. Like someone who is sad or mad might put in extra intensity and not be looking around, others were happy, talkitive, and curious about those surrounding them. It was nice to sit back and observe people that I might not have otherwise.

First Class

First off having class at 9:25 sucks, but this class might not seem too bad bc i didnt get bored or tired at all. When I walked in it felt a little different being in the studio theatre and all. Getting to know each other wasn't that bad and hearing the plays or musicals that the others have seen was cool too. We stood in front of the class for the first exercise, to show how uncomfortable it can be just standing there in the front of the room w/ ppl looking at you, rather than tryin to look at other objects that take your mind off the audience. Acting like we were watching a ping pong match was also interesting, and the other group watching a golfer tee off.

Assignment: For about 10 min, I sat in convo and just observed my surroundings, as if i wern't even there. I was sitting at the Track/XC table which is located beside the windows in the back. As I took a gander around the room, there were many lips/mouths moving which appeared to me a number of coversations all going on in the same moment of time. It was kind of interesting looking at the many people, whom may not realize me looking at them or knew i was there, or even knew I exist.

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