Monday, March 3, 2008


I think that the most recent change to the class (talking) is going to provide an interesting and challanging new aspect to what we are learning. I am really looking foword to it because i like being able to comunicate with people that i work with. I really look forward to seeing what we all can do with this new change. Ill see you all in class. P.S. Dont forget about the essay.

Eating and Talking

So the newest addition to our classroom experience has been the use of our voices. I'm both excited and terrified by this. I don't do very well with multitasking, and this is an interesting blend of just that. Nevertheless, it's not all that bad, given that my head didn't explode from the effort and that given enough time I'll be pretend eating while holding a conversation on the phone while answering my pretend secretary who just happens to be Fabio.


I was relieved at the start of thursdays class that i got out of doing the face mirroring exercise. That looked extremely difficult and i know i would have done terrible. How can one make their face physically look like someone elses face. I doubt denzel washington could make his face look like mine and he's a bad ass actor.

Pizza & Pie

So Thursdays class was a very hard one for me! While sitting on the floor pounding the grease out of my "pizza" our group carried on a very disturbing and possibly provokative conversation about our favorite types of dessert. Body language and facial expressions added to our very uncomfortable and funny presentation.


I think that I am starting to finally understand that in order to make your acting believable you just need to follow your instinct. If you start to think to much about what your next move is going to be then chances are what you do is not going to be the best it can. I usually try to think things through before I do them, so it has been kinda hard for me to let go of my inhibitions and just go for it. I just have to keep reminding myself that in daily life I don't stop to think how I am going to eat or something like that, I just do it.

eating activity

I agree with Katie, the eating exercise proved incredibly difficult for me. However, I think I know why it was so hard for me. When I was sitting there pretending to eat my chinese food....I never really convinced myself that I was actually eating it. If I had really let myself get into it, I would probably have made it seem way more believable. I'm a huge fan of Chinese, so I probably would have been taking gigantic bites of my shrimp lo mein and probably would have lashed out at gwyn for stealing a bite (although she did share!) The most i could really offer up realistically was my question about the fortune cookies, because I really enjoy those too!!"

On another note,
I know Ron mentioned Mr. University in his post, so I'm going to put in my plug for it.

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