Sunday, February 17, 2008

How many songs are there about rain?

I have been in studio all weekend. I was supposed to go home with my roommate and have a fun weekend with her.. instead i spent all 3 days in a computer lab, or in the gross dirty sculpture room. My hands went numb on Saturday because i was power sanding, grinding and polishing my sculpture for a good 5 hours. That is WAAAAAY to long. Tonight i finished my metal sculpture as well as 3 computer art pieces and a mixed media piece only to discover that tomorrow i have 2 tests, Tuesday i have a test and a paper due and i have done NOTHING yet. err..

I was just about to collapse from frustration and disgust at myself for waiting until last minute to finish my projects AND completely disregarding any other class when i basically gave up and left a&h... for the fist time in days.. (or since lunch) I was just so.. not mad but empty when it started to rain. It was cool out... almost warm even and the rain felt wonderful. No one was around. It was just me and the rain. It washed away all of my frustration and rejuvenated me. It was refreshing, in an emotional kind of way. Anyway, i just thought today was a good day even with all of the crap i had to do just because of the rain.

About Kevin's quote. I think its a wonderful idea. And i think that many people strive to live life this way. Certainly many religious groups fit under the purpose driven life. there is a book with the same name... go read it- i hear its good. But as wonderful as it may be, i think that it is just a ideal rather than a truth. For every person living life purposefully there are so many others just wasting away.... but then again does that disprove the idea behind the quote or rather prove it further by providing an example of what happens when a life isnt lived purposefully.... hmmm... ive confused myself. well. ohkay. time to study for test number 1 out of 3379. wishing luck is accepted at this time.

Mary J. Blige- Rainy Days
Hilary Duff- Come Clean
The Weather Girls- Its raining Men
Tim McGraw- She's my kind of Rain (?Says my roommate- ive never heard of it)
Sting- After the rain has fallen
Prince- Purple rain

thats my list for now...

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