Friday, February 1, 2008

Music and Attitude

So I have always noticed that when im feeling down that I could listen to happy music and sort of cheer myself up, or when I am angry I would listen to something soft or soothing to calm me down. My mood generally depends on the music that I listen to I guess. So I have taken notice that since winter break I am listening to a lot more heavy metal and rock bands I guess. Anything that is intense or has good lyrics gets me pumped up to lift, or just tackle whatever project I am dealing with. It has been said that music like that creates violence in people. First of all, if you are violent in the first place then music won't make much a diference. Also, I think that just because someone enjoys something other than the "normal" music that they should be judged by it. I don't look at myself as a "violent" person just because I listen to "violent" music. Thats like saying that every single Hendrix fan did drugs and slept with whoever they want. Not true... So go out and listen to something that you may not be familiar with, who knows maybe you might something you like?

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