Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slipping Away.

For everyone who thinks their lives are slipping away from them.

I agree. Life sucks. But it will get better. it always does.

Today i failed an art history test, cried in front of.. not one, not two, but three and more people (one being my boss and one being my coworker, and the others being my classmates) did not get the RA position, had a fight with 2 friends and had a gross serving of pasta.

But even though i have no idea how im goign to afford next year, and my job kinda stinks, and im far to overwhelmed and people dont like my art... nothing story.. im not going to be destroyed by it.... not today at least. Do you ever feel like this?

Oh mind stop

Stop spinning

Stop twirling

Stop aching

Be still

Be calm

Be silent

Always going

Always moving

Always quicker than light

Oh please stop

For just one moment

Give me peace

Give me quiet

Let me rest

And not be bothered

Stop planning

Stop organizing

Stop rehearsing lines

Just stop,

Please stop,

Slow down…

Just stop




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