Saturday, February 2, 2008

pining for pancakes.

Ohkay im sorry this has to do with nothing but im upset.

So today in convo i had a terrible experience. I had just gotten off of work and wanted a chocolate chip pancake really badly. I get into line behind some guy and two of his friends get in line behind me a good two minutes later. One of them make a snotty comment about some girl but i was really focused on my pancake to pay attention... i dont normally like pancakes but for some reason i needed one. Anyway, they start laughing and then one looks at me, like he turns around gets in front of me and stares at me and then says, "Oh dude she;s so mad! Look at her face!" What?! He was talking about me! So i listen to what theyre saying and they continue and they are flat out making fun of me, my furry sweater and my pigtails (i had read stories to kids in the morning and pigtails are like the uniform... deal with it... and i like pigtails. they are cute.) So they keep making fun of me... so i leave and get a cup of hot chocolate, i like that too, no explanation. I get back and they moved my tray and wouldnt let me back in line... ARE WE IN THIRD GRADE?!?!!?!?!?!?!??! er. ]i got my pancake finally and normally i would say something to them but i was hungry and more focused on chocolate than silly boys.

So my lesson for the weekend: If you are in the mood for pancakes and there is a silly boy in front of you in line, hit him in the face so he and his dumb friends dont make fun of you relentlessly right in front of you.

or something like that.

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