Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wisdom From A Cookie

"Progress is like a wheelbarrow; nothing happens unless somebody pushes."

This is the little piece of fun filled thinking thst I got from my tasty fortune cookie. Of course you could do all kinds of philosophical thinking about how this means you should rekindle your love for clogging and don't give up on becoming the greatest ever this time, or possibly you just need to move a wheelbarrow? I know that in my life there are a couple "wheelbarrows" that I need to start pushing around. Lots of small things get in the way of your goal and cloud your ability to obtain them. I think the best thing to do is to just load up that crap in your own "wheelbarrow" and get to pushing. Maybe people need to know that you can still be persistent at taking steps toward whatever you are trying to achieve while still being able to handle everything else. Each person can have their own "wheelbarrow" and make it however best suits their needs. Some may be big, others smaller, have a flashy paint job, possibly just primer, one wheel, many wheels, but the best thing to remember is.... if it gets to heavy or stuck, don't be afraid of getting help to push through those barriers.

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