Thursday, February 21, 2008

stressed out

well i have a lot to say, but if i said it all this post would be extremly long. basically i just need a break from everything, from school, from basketball, from ASHLAND from hw, from everything. I just need some ME time and now days its really hard to find that. Im hoping within the next couple weeks i will be able to finally go home for once and see my friends n family. i really miss them and not having ne breaks here sucks :( but i will say that having class with all you fine people makes life just that much easier, so im hoping tomorrows class will cheer me up, so see you all tomorrow, and i didnt see the moon bc it was way to cold outside for me to go out and watch, im sure they will show it on tv somewhere , as now everything that happens is on tv...gotta love the world!

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