Friday, February 8, 2008

growing older

Today my family is throwing a surprise party for my mom. She is going to be 60 next week. She's the kind of mom who is all knowing but forever caring. Normally we wouldn't be able to pull anything like this over her- we rented a restaurant out and invited all of her friends, including those who lived in her home state, and my sister is coming home from Alaska,- but she hurt her leg and has been going to therapy and junk like that- and she has no idea. I can just picture her now walking into the room filled with figures from her past, and present interacting and bonding and just having a good time. She is going to be so excited and so surprised.
It makes me think of my mom more than i normally do... how she was when i was little, how she is now...
The whole ordeal made me thing of our age exercise. There are going to be people everywhere from the smallest being hardly 2, to the oldest, being in her late 80's. It makes you wonder how people so different can come together and celebrate the same event. It seems strange to me. I am super excited to see my whole family together for the first time in years, but i think im a tad bit more excited to see everyone interact. I love it when a baby is held by an older woman... its just so reminiscent yet still a prediction of whats yet to come... i don't know if that means anything to anyone but it just fills me with... i think its hope. hope and happiness.

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