Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SOOOOOOOOOOO Far behind! :(

FINALLLY!!! I have gotten the blog to finally work for me, I swear Im cursed or somethin, I have the WORST luck with electronics! But ne ways, I have got to get on here sometime tomorrow and read everyones blogs, I havnt been able to log in to read anyones in over a WEEK! I am very interested in what has been goin on in everyones lives lately, and sadly class was cancled on Tuesday, I was DEVESTATED :( I can not wait to see everyone tomorrow and im THIRILLED to finally be back into Blogging. I will leave several blogs tomorrow and Friday about how things have been with me. But right now Im exhausted and have an 8 o clock tomorrow, and a game later tomorrow night (everyone should come we play GANNON...and its THINK PINK, in honor of breast cancer survivors) So.... in that case i will catch up tomorrow, since i can finally get back in . See you all tomorrow and good nite :)

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