Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Trip Down the Stairs

I have never claimed to be the most coordinated girl in the world but I would like to think I can walk from point "a" to point "b" without harming myself. However, this was not the case on Tuesday night. I have a night class in Bixler and I was walking down the steps when I tripped and fell. Since I had my hands in my pockets, I was unable to catch myself as I crashed down a flight of stairs on my face. Talk about painful! After reaching the bottom, I stood up and did a check of all my body parts... hmm i said to myself, nothing is broken! It was at that exact time that the blood began pouring out of my nose and mouth...opps. After stopping the gushing, I walked back to my room where I took some Motrin and went to bed. After the stairs, I decided it would be safer if I just went to bed and didnt walk anymore that night. What a dufus!

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Gwyn said...

AH!! thats so sad!!! We all should wear helmets and knee pads... then maybe we could get to and from class in one piece... or the buildings could be made out of nerf. either way its dangerous.