Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Final Scenes

So me and Ron worked on our final scene alot tonite and it got CRAZY!
Since we have watched everyone else go ,and got to listen to Fabio critique everyone, it helped to hear what he had to say so we were able to fix those things. Everyone elses skit was full of drama and he said the bigger the realtionship the better, so our thing is nuts. Just wait until you all see it tomorrow. Im really gna try not to laugh, but i think when im in the moment ill be fine. I really cant beleive we only have 9 days of REAL classes left! That is soooo weird to me.

When is everyone goin to the one acts this week? I still have to buy tickets for it. I want to go on Friday tho... so i hope they still have tickets for fridays Show :)

See you all in class tomorrow and I cant wait to see everyones scences and how much they have improved. Im gonna be tired tomorrow, so if I'm a lil hyper then u know why :)

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