Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The honest Truth

Okay, I dont want to be rude but i am going to write down my honest thoughts... not filtered. Whether this is a good thing or not im not sure but here we go.

I thought today was extremely frustrating. Everyone's spark seems to be gone! We need to be excited about this! We have the opportunity to put on a scen in front of each other! Its so much fun! But no one seems excited! Im not saying that they havent been good cause they have... but we all need to get into acting class shape! I co run the youth and literacy team here at Ashland, and we put on these stroytimes where we read to kids and eat food and have fun.. well sometimes the kids get tired of the one activity so we have to stand up and shake out all of our squirminess! Thats what we have to do in class! Stop being squirmy and actually do the scene, do it well, and, as Fabio said today, commit to it!

If this sounds like a lecture then im sorry cause i hate nothing more in the world than i hate a lecture, thats a lie, i hate lots of little trivial things more... like the improper use of the english language for one instance, or those stupid shirts guys wear that have the arm holes down to their waist, so its not actually a shirt its a piece of fabric hung round their neck.. i hate that. ANYWAY, i think its something we all need to check ourselves on

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