Tuesday, April 8, 2008

people talkin

i noticed that some people watch other people when they talk. they may look at those around them to see how they are reacting to what they are sayin. some people do not. some people do not care about what others are doing and just say what they need to say. i agree with a post i read about people act differntly when they are lying. that is very true. i think people listen differently as well. u can kinda tell when someone is really listening to what you have to say, or when they are just fakin it like shut up i dont care.

i enjoyed working on the skits once again, and am startin to realize what is asked of us.
i also liked drawing out our little areas in class thursday. not sure what they are for, but im sure we will do something VERY interesting with them.

See you all in about7 hours :)

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