Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Max is a CHEATER!

So we had no idea what were goin to do for our floor plan on Tuesday. We just knew that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and that we had to touch everything. I just said that I coulda found out he was cheatin, and we went with it. Once we got into , it was really quite fun. Gettin into arguments seems to be a good way to act out those types of things, bc you dont really have to THINK about actin, you just react. Which is what Fabio has been tellin us we need to learn how to do. When your in an argument, you just fight, you dont think about it.
I cant wait to see how differntly people have changed their scenes since last time. It should be interesting. And yes it is crazy to see that class and school in general is almost over. ITs been a great semester with you all , and i hope i take other classes with all you again sometime :)

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