Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its not goodbye, its just see you later :(

It is crazzzy that tomorrow is out LAST CLASS! I cant believe the time has finally come. I was thinking about taking the class again, bc of how much fun i had it in. You are all amazing people and im so happy to have met you. I think we should leave the blog open, and continue blogging over the summer to catch up with everyone. What do you guys think? Somethin to do every now and then :)

It was kool to talk about the one-acts to hear everyones opinioins. Everyone is doin great wit their scenes and i cant wait to see then all on tuesday. Good luck with all your finals, and dont get too stressed out about everything. Only one more week here at AU... enjoy it!

TWISTER SOUNDS GREAT! We should talk about it in class tomorrow, and decide a day/time.
See all your beautiful faces tomorrow in class :)

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