Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Procrastination in action

I have a ten page paper due at 6. I have two pages done.. so, naturally, im gonna blog instead. I cant seem to bring myself to write this paper. Ive had two weeks and now look what happened. im gonna have to turn it in late tomorrow because im having writers block and cant think of a single thing to say. blah... oh well. a bad grade is not the end of the world.

Im pretty excited about the final project. I didnt seem like it today because i have a cold and am on meds that kind wipe me out so i was half asleep and couldnt feel my feet. does that happen to anyone else? But i think its gonna be pretty cool. the final project not my cold. i cnt wait to actually get into the thick of it and start bouncing ideas off of one another. We just need to look at the script given to us, see what sticks out in our minds and go from there. At least thats what i plan on doing. I dont want to get stuck doing the same old scene but i dont want to over complicate things either. The balance between simple and interesting is a hard one but i think we can all do it. good luck everyone. Yea for acting class!

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