Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Im not creative enough for titles.

So there is an at show this week. It opens on Thursday at 5... or 4:30. I'm not really sure. Anyway i have a couple pieces in this year and if you want to stop on by and take a look that would be swell. There are some great submissions and it could be cool... maybe... if you like that sorta thing. And its an opening so there will be food and beverages and all that jazz.

Back to class. I'm excited for Thursday. I think that because its right before break were all gonna be filled with so much energy. Hopefully it will help and not just make us all crazy and to hyper. Okay hopefully it wont make me to hyper. Especially since last class we only discussed the play, and the time before we attempted the face junk... it will be nice to get back into the fun stuff again.

look outside. really look. don't just complain about the snow and ice. its beautiful.

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