Monday, March 3, 2008

eating activity

I agree with Katie, the eating exercise proved incredibly difficult for me. However, I think I know why it was so hard for me. When I was sitting there pretending to eat my chinese food....I never really convinced myself that I was actually eating it. If I had really let myself get into it, I would probably have made it seem way more believable. I'm a huge fan of Chinese, so I probably would have been taking gigantic bites of my shrimp lo mein and probably would have lashed out at gwyn for stealing a bite (although she did share!) The most i could really offer up realistically was my question about the fortune cookies, because I really enjoy those too!!"

On another note,
I know Ron mentioned Mr. University in his post, so I'm going to put in my plug for it.

Mr. University is an evening of entertainment, laughs, and good looking guys presented by the lovely ladies of Alpha Phi! All proceeds from the event go to the Alpha Phi foundation which supports cardiac care.
Mr. University will be this Thursday, March 6th in Upper Convo. @ 9pm. For more info check out the event at

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