Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break

I had an okay Spring Break, Its crazy that were back here at AU already. I cant wait to go to class tho im sure were gonna have a lot to catch up on :) I was in a good mood earlier bc i got my laptop back finally.. circuit city owned it for a good 4 months, so its nice to have my baby back! Too bad all my shit is gone from it tho. my music, school files, pictures, aim , limewire, Microsoft Office 2007... EVERYTHING! Thas the downside to them replacing ur hardrive without asking first, but i guess that life !

So now im goin to shower before bed, and get up for my 8 am class tom... cant wait to see u guys at 925... Hoope u all enjoyed your time off, and just think , only 3 more days till EASTER break :)

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