Thursday, May 15, 2008

i miss blogging :(

So i was just sitttin here and i thought about how blogging became part of my daily life. I miss it :( i mean im glad that summer is finally here. I know that were done with class and everythin but i really miss goin to class, and stuff like that. I hope that everyones summers are going well, and that u all did good on finals. I jus checked my grades and got an A in class. Im sure eveyone got an A as well. I just wanted to congradulate everyone on performing your finals skits! I loved them all, and i feel that we have all improved tremendoulsy from when we started. I really enjoyed this class and hope to take somethin with Fabio again!
Have a great summer, and i hope to keep in touch with you all. See you all next fall :)

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